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Our fee structure is designed to provide the greatest possible value for the investment you are making to support you or your child’s pursuit of excellence as a member of our team. Here are some of the details:


Registration Fee:

Drums, Dance, & Wind -$25 for new members, $15 for returning members 

After-School Program - $50 for new members, $40 for returning members 

Summer Program (ages 9-13) - $50 for new members, $40 for returning members 

Elite All-Stars - $25 for new members, $15 for returning members

This is a non-refundable fee that must be paid by all applicants within their first month of membership. Applicants can pay online or in person. The registration fee covers insurance and general administrative expenses for the registration process.


Our 2019 tuition for each program is provided at each open house or information session. Please know that we are very sensitive to the expenses involved in participating in the organization. We do our very best to run our programs in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible, and we try very hard to keep the costs down.

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