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Our Story

The year was 2001. Two college students came home to Baltimore City to the decline of proper music education within the community. In the band room of Baltimore City College High School, these two students came together to form small community classes for youth all around Baltimore City to learn music. Impressed by the youths’ commitment and dedication to music education, on June 20, 2006, The Marching Elite Foundation was born.


Forging past its humble beginnings, The Marching Elite has established itself as the premier youth marching arts organization in Baltimore. “Who leads the way? Elite leads the way!”-an unofficial mantra of the band- Elite is known for their unique and entertaining shows that consistently bring audiences to their feet.


Today the program is located in East Baltimore but is open to members in DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware. Their partnerships include the State’s Attorney’s Office for Baltimore City, Baltimore City Mayor’s Office of Employment and Development, Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development.

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